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Five Sons Roofing’s owner started roofing houses at an early age and eventually opened his own roofing company. For over forty-four years, we learned the roofing business through roofing hundreds of houses ourselves. We hold a wealth of knowledge in all areas of roofing and specializes in both residential and commercial roofing. Five Sons Roofing is the type of family-owned roofing company that cares about the end result more than the monetary investment our clients make. We look for the “wow factor” in every customer and in every finished roofing project. We have founded our business on hard work and dedication and strive to give 110% on every roofing project, no matter if it’s a small residential repair or a complete commercial roof replacement.

Where other roofers can’t find the roof leaks, Five Sons Roofing can! With decades of experience, we are sure to get your roofing project completed right on the first try. Put your trust in our family-owned roofing company and you can be sure Five Sons Roofing will exceed your expectations. Compare our work to that of other well known roofing contractors, in and out of Colorado, and you will see a job completed by Five Sons Roofing stands out from all the rest. We don't claim to offer the cheapest roofing prices, because we believe you get what you pay for. But, Five Sons Roofing will always attempt to match reasonable estimates from established companies. So, if solid confidence, modern experience, and quality work and materials matter to you, give Five Sons Roofing a call.

Roofing Services That Surpass The Competition!

When it comes to professional roofing services, Five Sons Roofing has all the right stuff! Our work surpasses the competition, and sets a precedence in the Colorado/Denver roofing industries. We take proven roofing methods, and pair them with modern roofing knowledge, modern materials, and A+ quality craftsmanship to ensure every Five Son’s roof, is a roof cut above the rest. Our record stands tall, with perfect scores across the board, we come 100% recommended by trusted review platforms such as HomeAdvisor, the Better Business Bureau, Google, and past and current customers. Don’t believe us? Take advantage of public review platforms around the web and see for yourself. Five Sons Roofing has given 110% effort on every project for the last two-dozen years, and will continue to honor our way of work, by doing the same for you. Invest in yourself and call the company that will provide the best results, call Five Sons Roofing today.

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